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  • Mountain Top Easy Short Loop 01 Paved - This is a short 24 mile loop around camp that is all paved and suitable for all motorcycles and ebikes. Loop remains on top of Lookout Mountain and avoids mountain climbs. Caution when crossing AL-Hwy 35 is a must. Ride Smart!
  • WMA Trails 5,7,8,9 North Loop 01 Unpaved - This is a 20 mile ride with only 3 miles of pavement North of Little River. Dirt starts just 1.0 miles from camp! Creek crossings, river views, and rolling hills. Good for Dual Sport motorcycles, ADV motorcycles, and mountain bikes. Trail 5 was graveled in Summer 2021. Trail 9 has long mud holes seasonally.
  • Canyon Rim Loop 01 Paved - This is a 38 mile paved loop for motorcycles. It rides the complete rim of the Canyon from Little River Falls Park to Canyon Mouth Park. Good for all motorcycles. 
  • Two Brows Northern Loop 01 Paved - This is a 43 mile paved loop (except for a very short Co Rd 636 which can be skipped and proceed on to Co Rd 637.) This ride follows both the Northern and Southern Brows of Lookout Mountain North of Camp. Winds through DeSoto State Park. Good for ADV and Dual Sport motorcycles.
  • WMA Trails 1,2,3,4,11 South Loop Unpaved - This is a 34 mile ride that is mainly unpaved and stays South of Little River. Explore Slant Rock and creek crossings. Park Rock also on this ride. Suitable for ADV motorcycles, Dual Sport motorcycles, and mountain bikes. Caution on AL-Hwy 35 is a must. Ride Smart! Trail 3 has deep rain ruts and some mud holes.
  • 2022 Bama ADV 600 - This is the actual 580.25 mile loop we followed through several WMAs, forests, and unpaved county roads. We also rode a lot of paved roads to connect the unpaved sections. It includes all the turnarounds and mistakes. Day 1 Fort Payne to Oxford, Day 2 Oxford to Tuscaloosa, and Day 3 Tuscaloosa to Fort Payne. We ran out of time on Day 3 and had to cut some of the route out to arrive before dark.

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